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German Telephone box - This gift from our friends in Liederbach which has been at the rear of the Town Hall for many years went to the Verwood HUB but has now returned to the rear of the Town Hall, Any suggestions?


See the "What's On" page for details of our regular meeting at the Heritage Centre

If you would like to to be involved in any of the above or future exchanges
  then why not join the Verwood Twinning Association.

Contact Clive Grove on +44 (0)1202 826449 or email:


Twinning Association Constitution

At the Twinning Association AGM held on the 25th of October 2018 changes to the Associations Constitution in order to comply with the new Data Protection requirements was accepted. Select here to view a copy.


Twinning Association Coach Trip
Berkeley & The Cotswolds
4 nights half board from 21st of October. (£216pp).
Contact Julie on 01202900867 or 07726 499342. for details.


Please select here for a report on the September 7th to 10th 2018 visit from
Liederbach to Verwood.

On the 7th of September 2018 Verwood was visited by its twin town of Liederbach in Germany. Guests were collected from Heathrow and on the Saturday they visited "Milestones Museum" near Basingstoke, after which they visited Winchester. On Sunday, after a visit to Highcliffe Castle and lunch at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth they left on Monday the 10th for the
return flight to Frankfurt. (Select here for full report.)


Please select here for a full report of the recent visit by Verwood and 3LX 
to Liederbach in Germany
 from the 15th to the 19th June 2017.

The photograph shows the Liederbach and Verwood group at the Europe tree.


Please select here for a full report of the recent visit from Orée-d'Anjou to Verwood and 3LX 
 from the 5th May to the 8th May 2016.

The photograph shows our French Guests with their hosts just prior to departure from the HUB car park on the Sunday the 8th May 2016.



Please note the following administrative change in France 

The political landscape in France is changeing as M. Holland attempts to reduce the cost of local administration. Verwood was peviously twinned with the 9 towns and villages of Champtoceaux and its Canton. It had 9 elected Mayors, one for each community. Under the re-organisation Champtoceaux and its canton of 9 communities have been merged for administrative purposes and it is now called "d'Orée-d'Anjou" . d'Orée-d'Anjou is now linked to it's neighburning communities as shown below :-

Liste des communes "d'Orée-d'Anjou".


Nom Code Insee Superfice (Km 2) Population 
(dernière pop. légale )
( hab./km 2 )
Champtoceaux 49069 15,54 2413 (2013) 155
Bouzillé 49040 18,39 1508 (2013) 82
Drain 49126 19,05 2089 (2013) 110
Landemont 49172 18,67 1726 (2013) 92
Liré 49177 31,81 2494 (2013) 78
Saint-Christophe-la-Couperie 49270 8,29 850 (2013) 103
Saint-Laurent-des-Autels 49296 18,55 2286 (2013) 123
Saint-Sauveur-de-Landemont 49320 14,69 923 (2013) 79
La Varenne 49360 14,35 1736 (2013) 121

From a twinning point of View there is little change as Verwood is still twinned with Chamtoceaux 
but the Canton is now Orée-d'Anjou. Future entries on this website will normally refer to 
Champtoceaux and d'Orée-d'Anjou

Further information can be found on Wikipedia etc, Use linkr "d'Orée-d'Anjou".




Verwood Twinning Association coach trip to Brugge
 on the 27th to the 29th November 2015.

At 06:00 hrs on Friday the 27th July a group of Twinners including friends left Pennine Way near Morrisons in Verwood on a visit to Brugge in Belgium. They were due to catch the 09:50 Eurotunnel shuttle but this had been re-scheduled to 10:20 for "Operational Reasons" according to Euroshuttle. 

On arrival in Coquelles a lunch and shopping stop was made at Cite Europe followed by a visit to a Chocolate factory. 

Due to the current issues in France (Nov/Dec 2015) delays on the motorway when crossing the French / Belgium border amounted to 45 minutes each way. A warning to anybody else who might be travelling this route. 

The Party arrived at the NH Hotel in Brugge some time after 1600 hrs. For the rest of the free time in Brugge members of the party went their own way visiting the main square having Carriage Rides trips on the canals and shopping. The Christmas Market was in full swing and so was the Ice Skating in the main square but it is not thought that anybody took advantage of this.

At some time during the visit most people went to the "Snow and Ice" Sculpture Festival in Brugge. Ice Magic takes you into the Belgium Cartoon world of Wanagogo Characters. 

All the walls are ice and all the characters are carved out of ice. Although probably not well known in the UK the characters consist of Maya and Willy, Vic the Viking and all their friends. It is definitiely a different and enjoyable experience but it is necessary to wrap up warm as of necessity it is extremely cold. (see )

After an excellent breakfast members went on to discover more of Brugge and have some lunch before departing from the hotel at 15:30. After the border delay we sailed through the Eurotunnel checks and though having a crossing of  "Q", we were ushered onto the "O" crossing which was 1/2 an hour earlier, arriving back in Verwood at about 21:30 time.

Our last chairman organises these trips so why not look out for future trips. Join the association and they will be included in the newsletter or on this site.


Chairman’s Report 2014-2015

This is a basic review of the 2014-2015 year of the Verwood & Three Legged Cross Town Twinning Association (given at the 2015 AGM). Included in this report are the activities, successes, disappointments and highlights of the year.

Social Evenings

I believe each of them to have been a success. Attendance has been acceptable and steadily growing. Each evening has contributed a net profit into the Twinning accounts. I would like to thank our Speaker Secretary, Ian Lucking, for the quality and variety of our speakers this past year. To give you an indication of the variety, they have been as follows:-

" Photo tour of Dorset" - "Working in Harrods" - "The Art of Illusion and Magic" - "Beekeeping" - "Fauna & wildlife in Costa Rica" - "Antiques & Valuations" - "House sitting in Australia" - "A tour of South Africa" - "The Bison Centre in Wiltshire" and "A kayak journey down the River Stour"

Admission to remain at £3.00 per Member. &£3.50 for Non-Members - Admission includes refreshments & free door raffle.

Events & Excursions

"Disco Dance" - "Excursion to the Keuckenhof Bulbfields in Holland" - "Christmas Party for Members" - "Royal Ascot Ladies Day" - "Committee Member Sheila Holingworth - interviewed again on Forest FM" - "Rustic Fayre" - "Dorset Twinning Quiz Night".

The trip to Kew Gardens had to be cancelled due to lack of attendees.

NB… An event which proved not possible to organise once again was an excursion to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey). Group access fully booked for 18 months!

Absent Friends

Members Brian Bowey and Bill Eggleston sadly passed away.


Rossgarth Football Club tournament and exchange visit request.

Liederbach student (15yrs) request to visit.

Liederbach student (11yrs) request for pen pal

Verwood First School request for electronic cultural Exchange

Dorset Life Magazine editorial

Quarterly Newsletter now edited & published by Julie Blackwell-West

Glass Vase presented to Barbara Bowey for in excess of 30 years committee service.

Future Events


Remembrance Day Sunday 8th November


Christmas Market excursion to Bruges 27th November to 29th November


Members Christmas Party Friday 11th December


Visit from Champtoceaux 5th May to 8th May, 2016


Visit from Liederbach September, 2016

All Twinning Association information can be found on our Website kindly managed by Stuart Clifton.

I would like to thank the committee for all their hard work and support over this past year. They have had a ‘Can Do’ attitude to all the projects, events and excursions and I commend them to the Members.


Bill Egglestone passed away on the 19th May 2015.

Bill served on the committee and was our Membership Secretary for many years until he moved to Fordingbridge. He is  remembered for holding some fun quiz evenings for the members with his classical music questions being rather taxing if that genre of music was not familiar to you! 

A private family funeral at the crematorium was held for Bill with a celebration of life service at The Hub on Wednesday 3 June. 


Brian Henry Bowey - 20th Nov 1937 to 12th Feb 2015.

Most of you will be aware of and saddened by the passing away of Brian Bowey, a very popular and respected member of the Twinning Association. Brian and his wife Barbara became members many years ago and were both active and hard working committee members. They remained on the committee until the meeting on the 2nd February 2015 when they both resigned due to Brian’s ill-health.


Brian was the chairman at one time plus he helped out at many events. He organised a variety of enjoyable trips over the years including his signature Wareham boat trip; the last trip being the visit to Windsor Castle in 2014. Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with his widow Barbara and his family.



WWI - 100 Years On

 On Sunday November the 9th 2014



Boules in Verwood 


If anybody, whether in Twinning or not, wishes to play, then please feel free to use the facility - It was provided by the Town Council to be used. If there is a desire by enough people to have friendly games then please contact Twinning with their  details.  Some twinners should be able to play from September 2014, and if there is enough interest next year then Verwood could possibly rejoin the league. Boules can be borrowed if required.


 Clive Grove (Chairman) on     01202 826449 or



Please select here for a full report of Verwood and 3LX Twinning Association's recent visit to Champtoceaux, from the 27th August to the 1st September 2014.


The Twinning Association were accompanied by "Verwood Concert Brass.



The Trip to Rouen plus Monet’s house and garden on 2nd to 5th May, 2014 was blessed with excellent weather and enjoyed by all.  




Please select here for a full report with pictures 
of Verwood and three Legged cross Twinning Association's
 recent visit to Liederbach, Germany, in June 2013.




Please select here for a full report with pictures 
of Verwood and three Legged cross Twinning Association's
visit by Champtoceaux and its Canton in May 2013



Please select here for a full report with pictures 
of Verwood and three Legged cross Twinning Association's
 recent visit From Liederbach in August 2012. 

a copy of the above photograph was one of the gifts supplied to our German friends.




Please select here for a full report with pictures 
of Verwood and three Legged cross Twinning Association's
 recent visit to Champtoceaux and its Canton
on the 1st to the 6th of June 2011.



Report of the Verwood Twinning Associations 
Companion Dog Show held in May 2011

 Various Stalls including Tombola offered further entertainment and refreshments were served continuously throughout the day by the Committee Members.

 116 dogs were exhibited, making up a total of 263 entries. There were 6 Pedigree Classes judged by Mrs. Jenny Livy. Best in Sow was a Hungarian Vizsla owned by Mrs.Denise Cummins of Blandford, Reserve Best in Show was a Border Collie owned by Mr. & Mrs.Scott of Winton, and Best Puppy in show was a Tibetan Spaniel owned by Mrs.Pauline Bovis of Broadstones. This was followed by 2 Crossbreed and 10 Novelty Classes judged by Mr.Alan Watkinson. Best Crossbreed was a Lurcher owned by Mrs.H.Boutell of Eastleigh.

 The Show was well attended, exhibitors and visitors enjoying sunshine in pleasant surroundings.


In 2010 Verwood Celebrates 25 years of twinning with Champtoceaux in France. 
Our friends from Champtoceaux arrived and have now departed after having as wonderful time. The picture below shows all the visitors and guests in the sensory garden of The Hub where they were welcomed by the Mayor of Verwood. They brought over 70 people this year who stayed with their friends in and around Verwood and Three Legged Cross. 
 Why not join the Verwood Twinning Association.
Contact Clive Grove on +44 (0)1202 826449 
or email:



Leiderbach twins with the polish town of
"Pietrowice Wielkie"

On Sunday the 15th of June 2008 a small group of 8 people representing Verwood attended
the Twinning Ceremony for 100 Poles from Pietowice Wielkie with Liederbach in he Liederbachhalle.  It was also attended by representatives from
 "Villebon sur Yvette / France" & "Saldus / Latvia". 


New finger post on Ferrett Green.

On Monday the 19th of May 2008 the "The Twinning Association" presented a new finger post to Verwood town council. The sign situated near "Costa Coffee" shows the distance and direction of Verwood's Twin Towns of Chmptoceaux (246 miles) and Liederbach (485 miles).
 It was presented by Mr Terry Bright, the chairman of the Verwood and 3LX Twinning Association (centre) to The Town Council represented by Verwood's incoming Mayor Cllr. Lucy Clark (left) and its outgoing mayor Cllr. Alec Nicholls (right). 


On Tuesday the 5th of May 2008 members of the Verwood Twinning Association returned from a successful visit to our friends in our 
twin town of Champtoceaux on the Loire Valley in France. 

Verwood Twinning Association is open to Young and Old and is able to facilitate twinning visits between other groups and our French and German friends. 
Contact Terry Bright on +44 (0)1202 822959 or email:



Select here for the report the Civic celebrations

and the FLAGFEST celebrations in October 2007.


On Friday the 19th of October at "The HUB", Verwood and 3LX was presented with the 
European Flag of Honour by the Hon. Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe
 Kerstin Eckman. The picture shows the dignitaries present at the event.


Select here for the report on the visit in May 2007 
of our friends from Champtoceaux!



Note the new web address for this Twinning Website is now "".


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The Association organises various social events and a summer outing for members and friends.  At the 20th Anniversary of twinning with our French Town in 2004 Champtoceaux Avenue was officially named.  There is also a Liederbach Drive and a Champtoceaux Green.  

Members visit our twin towns and receive French and German visitors every two to three years.

You can also visit the sites of the two towns that Verwood is currently twinned with, Champtoceaux and Liederbach. The "Comite Cantonal de Jumelage de Champtoceaux" also has a site which you can visit. (see Links Page).

The Tapestry given to Verwood by its twinned French Town of Champtoceaux during the visit in May 2005 is now framed and on display in the Verwood Heathland Heritage Centre, along with the large pot (see below), gifted by Liederbach in Germany to Verwood in 2003. Other gifts received in the past reside in the Verwood Library and the Council Offices.


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For further information, or to join the "Verwood and Three Legged Cross Twinning Association" please contact: -

                        Clive Grove (Chairman) on     01202 826449 or

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