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1981 to 1983 - In the Beginning - Initial Soundings.

1984 to 1986 - Initial Twinning visits to and from Champtoceaux.

    1984 - The first Official Twinning visit from Champtoceaux.


1984 - Report of the visit from Champtoceaux - Dorothy Curd


1984 - Message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 


1984 -  Message from the Prime Minister. (Mrs Margaret Thatcher). 


1984 - Gordon Thorne - Chairman of the Twinning Committee speech.

    1985 - Verwood Twinning -  first Official Twinning visit to Champtoceaux.


1985 - Verwood Twinning Associations first visit to Champtoceaux   


1985 - Recollections of Champtoceaux


1985 - A Celebratory Poem by Penny Thorne

bullet1985 - Address Given by Mr Bill Williams - Parish Council Vice Chairman.   
bullet1985 - Address Given by Mr Gordon Thorne - Twinning Chairman.  

1985 - Twinning Visit Document.

1987 to 1989 - Visits to and from Champtoceaux plus initial contact with Germany.

bullet1987 - Destination Champtoceaux Wild West  
bullet1988 - Verwood Twinning Association visit to Champtoceaux  

1990 to 1993 - Official Twinning visits with Liederbach am Taunus 
and also with the Canton rather than just Champtoceaux.

1997 : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood.

1997 : Champtoceaux visit to Niederheimbach.

1999 : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux.

2000 : Champtoceaux and Calcinato in Italy twin (in Italy).

2001 April :  Calcinato delegation visits Champtoceaux.

2001 November : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood

2002 April :  Champtoceaux firemen visit Niederheimbach.

2002 October : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux

2004  May : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood


2005 June : European Diploma presented to Verwood & 3 Legged X .


2005 December 1st to the 5th : Verwood visit to Liederbach - Report.

2006 September : Liederbach visit to Verwood.

2007 May : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood.


2007 May 17th to the 20th : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood - Report.

2007 June : European Flag of Honour presented to "Verwood & 3 Legged X" .

bullet2007 October 19th & 20th : Flag of Honour celebrations report & pictures.

2008 May : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux

2008 June : Liederbach twin with "Pietowice Wielkie" in Poland.

On Sunday the 15th of June a small group of 8 people representing Verwood attended the Twinning Ceremony for 100 Poles from Pietowice Wielkie with Liederbach in he Liederbachhalle.  It was also attended by representatives from "Villebon sur Yvette / France" & "Saldus / Latvia".

bullet2009 June : Verwood visit to Liederbach
bullet2010 May : Visit from Champtoceaux
bullet2011 May : Visit to Champtoceaux - report and pictures
bullet2012 August : Visit from Liederbach - report and pictures.
bullet2013 May : Visit from Champtoceaux - report and pictures.
bullet2013 June : Visit to Liederbach - report and pictures.
bullet2014 Aug : Visit to Champtoceaux with Verwood Concert Brass - report & pictures.
bullet2016 May : Visit by Champtoceaux to Verwood report & pictures.
bullet2016 August : A successful and enjoyable 2 day coach trip was made to Stratford-upon-Avon and the National Arboretum.
bullet2016 October : A pleasant 3 day holiday to Torquay area was organised.
bullet2017 June : Visit by Verwood to Champtoceaux report. - report & pictures to celebrate 25 years of twinning between the two towns.

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