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A small group from Verwood
visited our friends in 
"Liederbach am Taunus" 
on Friday the 14th June 2013 and 
departing on Tuesday the 18th June.

The group of 27 who visited Liederbach in June 2013 travelled independently. Some members travelled by car with 3 travelling on the morning flight from Heathrow and the remainder travelling on the afternoon flight to "Frankfurt am Main".  All members eventually met at the "Liederbachhalle Wchenheimer Str. 62." shortly after 7 p.m. for a drink and a chat on a warm summer evening where all guests were presented with a bag and an apron (yes, men as well). All, that is except for the afternoon group who were due to arrive at 17:50 p.m. at "Frankfurt am Main" but whose plane was delayed for over an hour. They were eventually picked up in the Red Cross mini bus and met up with the rest of the group.

On Saturday morning the German families took care of us and in the afternoon at 14:30 a twinning tree was planted near the Rathouse (town Hall) by our  new Vice Chairman before continuing on to the Street Festival. Guests had been supplied with vouchers for their chosen food and drink available from the many stalls except for that run by the Chinese community who would only accept €'s. This chinese community has now purchased the large residence where the initial Verwood / Liederbach twinning was held over 20 years ago.

During the day on Sunday guests were entertained by their hosts until the meeting at 19:00 hrs. in the Kulturscheune (Liederbach's Cultural Centre)for dinner. After the meal gifts were exchanged between the 2 communities with the new Vice Chairman of Verwood Twinning Association excelling at his mastery of the German Language. French will be his next big challenge!



Verwood received an original painting from Liederbach while Verwood Vice-Chairman presented  a glass sculpture by Angela Perrett of Hillview Art near Ringwood.

On Monday the 17th of June most guests and hosts met at the "Liederbachhalle Wchenheimer Str. 62." at 08:30 p.m. for the coach journey to Würzburg.

The day turned out particularly hot with temperatures reaching 36 degrees centigrade. Our guide met the coach on arrival for our walking tour of the town afterwards a meal was arranged by our hosts.


  Würzburg is a city in the region of Franconia, Northern Bavaria, Germany. Located on the Main River, it is the capital of the Regierungsbezirk Lower Franconia and the regional dialect is Franconian. It lies about 120 kilometer,( or 75 miles) from Frankfurt am Main and a similar distance from Nuremberg. It is the seat of the district's administration and the city's population was 133,00 in 2008.

On 16 March 1945, about 90% of the city was destroyed in 17 minutes by 225 British Lancaster bombers during a World War II air raid. All of the city's churches, cathedrals, and other monuments were heavily damaged or destroyed. The city centre, which dated from medieval times, was totally destroyed in a firestorm in which 5,000 people perished. Over the next 20 years, the buildings of historical importance were painstakingly and accurately replicated. The citizens who rebuilt the city immediately after the end of the war were mostly women – Trümmerfrauen ("rubble women") – because the men were either dead or taken prisoner of war. In comparison, Würzburg was destroyed to a larger extent than was Dresden in a firebombing the previous month. This was mainly due to the fact that the buildings were mainly old and built of wood with smart stone facades.

On April 3, 1945, Würzburg was attacked by the US 12th Armored Division and US 42nd Infantry Division in a series of frontal assaults masked by smokescreens. The battle continued until the final German resistance was defeated 5 April 1945.

After the war, Würzburg was host to the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Infantry Division, U.S. Army Hospital and various other U.S. military units that maintained a presence in Germany.  From the early 1950's reconciliation started, friendships developed and the Americans were very involved in Würzburg's reconstruction. 

In May 1962 Würzburg twinned with the French city of Caen which was also severely damaged in 1944, this was followed with a twinning with Dundee in Scotland followed by a twinning with Rochester, N.Y. In 1964. It was awarded the European Flag in 1973. In 2001 Würzburg became a member of of the "Cross of Nails" initiative founded in Coventry which was destroyed in 1940. It was a sad day in 2008 when the U.S. units were withdrawn, bringing an end to over 60 years of U.S. military presence in Würzburg.

In the evening after returning from Würzburg, about 20 visitors went to a local Guest House for an informal relaxing chat, light meal (some were heavier than others) and drink, prior to separating on Tuesday for the return journey home friendships having been renewed.. Those travelling by air met at the "Liederbachhalle" for their lift to Frankfurt airport.  Thanks must go to our hosts and Liederbach for the warm welcome. 


pictures and text by Stuart Clifton.



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