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 "Currently Twinned with Oree d'Anjou in France and
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 Verwood and Three Legged Cross  
awarded the

Flag of Honour of the Council
of Europe in 2007  


  ------------------------COE PRESS RELEASE-----------------------

On the 52nd anniversary of the European flag, the Council of Europe congratulated the "Verwood & Three Legged Cross Twinning Association" by presenting it with the "European Flag of Honour" at a civic ceremony on Friday the 19th of October 2007 at "The HUB". The "European Flag of Honour" was presented to Mayor Alec Nichols by the Hon. Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe Kerstin Eckman (see picture).  Verwood & 3LX was the only municipality in the UK and one of only 18 in Europe to receive it in 2007 and Rushmoor in Hampshire was the only UK town to be awarded the "European Diploma" which Verwood and 3LX was awarded in 2005. Nuremberg won the overall 2007 "Europe Prize".

Entrants were judged on their efforts in European Events, exchange visits, and twinning's with other towns. Many dignitaries attended the ceremony including mayors, the High Sheriff of Dorset and the county's Lord Lieutenant.

Two days of celebrations were arranged by the Town Council and the Twinning Association of Verwood and Three Legged Cross to mark the presentation of the flag, while on Saturday the 20th, a Celebration and "Fun Day" for all the town took place under the name of "FLAGFEST".

The chairman Mrs. Catharina Green who retired at the Twinning Associations AGM, held on the 18th of October said that "It was wonderful when the town was awarded the European Diploma in 2005, but this was the pinnacle of the Associations achievement".

Civic Celebrations (19th Oct 2007)

The official celebrations, organised by the Town Council at the new Verwood HUB, started at 10:30 with guests being given a cup of coffee before being ushered outside to witness the fly past of two Chinook Helicopters from RAF Odiham.


After the group photographs were taken, guests returned to the "Merryfield Theatre", which had been suitably dressed for the occasion. 

In 1981, after discussions with his friend Alain Levoyer (who was then the Mayor of Champtoceaux) a letter was sent by Gordon Himsworth (a Director of Manitou) to the then Verwood Parish Council, requesting a meeting to discuss a possible twinning between Verwood and Champtoceaux.

(the photo shows from L to R - Gordon Himsworth and Alain Levoyer)

A meeting was arranged at the Monmouth Ash Public House, at which Mr Himsworth  and four Parish Councilors, R V W Curd, L Roberts, G J Thorne and F T (Bill) Williams, were present which resulted in the setting up of the Twinning Association and the rest as they say is history.  (Select here to visit the section on Twinning History).

This photo shows all the surviving Verwood members of that initial meeting. In addition it shows all the chairmen of the Twinning Association since its inception - Gordon Thorne, Jon Palethorpe, Geoff Higley, Brian Bowey, Catharina Green and the new chairman Terry Bright.

(from L to R -  Jon Palethorpe, Brian Bowey, Catharina Green, Terry Bright & Geoff Higley. Seated from L to R are Ron Curd & Gordon Thorne.)

Speeches were given by the current Mayor of Verwood and Three Legged Cross, Kirsten Ekman,  Alain Levoyer, Gordon Himsworth, plus representatives from the Twinning Association, Champtoceaux and Liederbach am Taunus. Children from Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood and Queen Elizabeth's Upper School in Wimborne entertained us, and also led the guests in singing the European Anthem (Ode to Joy) and both verses of "The National Anthem". Soprano Emily Goad thrilled the guests with her rendition of 'Meadowlark'.The "Flag of Honour" was presented and the cake was cut.


FLAGFEST DAY (20th Oct. 2007)

The Recreation Ground thronged with families enjoying arena displays and activity events including face painting, bouncy castle and a roundabout, plus attractions from owls to vintage cars including stands and displays from many local groups and societies

Courtesy of Manitou, two fearless boys from Portsmouth known as the biker boys thrilled the crowd with their daredevil stunts on their mountain bikes, and rides, 21metres into the sky aboard 2 Manitou Cherry Pickers, ran all day, and proved very popular.

During the afternoon the Verwood Choral Society and Verwood Concert Brass added to the carnival atmosphere and  boys and girls from Tae Kwan Do gave a demonstration which drew applause. In the Memorial Hall there were displays of twinning memorabilia,  the Verwood Flower Club, the New Forest Spinners and Dyers and the Library also had stands. Refreshments from cafe Rene. Forest FM provided the PA with music, commentary and interviews during the afternoons live broadcast. 

(The picture above shows the new chairman Terry Bright, Mayor - Alec Nicholls,Swedish MP - Kerstin Ekman and the Mayoress - Lesley Nicholls.)

On Ferrett Green there was mulled wine available from the Twinning Committee Marquee, Hot Dogs and Beef Burgers from Andrews butchers while Terry Cheater  provided Steam Train rides. Chris Albray demonstrated Pole Lathe turning, Suzuki showed off their latest motor bikes while the Recycling stand proved popular. Verwood Hub also hosted a climbing Frame and Play Station league on the Cinema screen and the Fire Station and British Legion had open days.

Shops in Verwood and Three Legged Cross decorated their shop windows, to give the town a Festive spirit. Donations received went to the Mayor's Charity, which this year is “St Gabriel's”.

Having been chairman of the twinning association during the lengthy efforts to pro-mote harmony and understanding within Europe, Catharina Green was present at the cutting of a celebration cake in the Memorial Hall at 2:30 p.m. She was joined by current chairman Terry Bright and the Mayor and Mayoress of Verwood, Alec and Lesley Nicholls, plus twinning and town council members. Swedish MP  Kerstin Ekman  warmly congratulated everyone on the prestigious award and A Good time was had by all.

Timetable of some of the Events


Verwood Heathlands Heritage Centre opened events with an art exhibition as well as tea, coffee and cake.

from 10:00

Chris Albury and his son carried out Demonstrations of Pole Lathe Turning on Ferrett Green.


A Jumble Sale in the Memorial Hall in support of Methodist Church funds

from 10:00

A Vintage Car Display was arranged by Ron Reeks was held on the Recreation Ground and Mulled wine was available from the Twinning Tent on Ferrett Green.
The HUB Bistro opened for snacks and drinks including tea and Coffee and in addition it was possible to use the
  climbing wall in the front car park or join the play station league on the Giant Screen  - all free of charge

from 11:00

offered Cherry Picker rides  and were available to take people 21 Metres into the air and see Verwood from a different perspective. The picture shows the Mayor of Verwood Alec Nicholls having a go. This proved particularly popular with two machines running all day.

from 11:00

A Childrens roundabout loaned to the Twinning Association for the day by Sturts Farm kept the young children amused as did the face painting and the bouncy castle in the recreation ground.


The Biker Boys
carried out 4 20 minute displays at 90 minute intervals throughout the day in the MANITOU Arena

from 11:00

Hot Food on Ferrett Green supplied by Verwood butcher Billy Andrews.


Verwood Choir sang in the main arena in the Recreation Ground.

from 12:00

British Legion Open Day for drinks and food.


Tae Kwon-Do Displays in the Recreation Ground.

from 13:00

Flower Display in the memorial Hall thanks to the Verwood Flower Club.

from 13:00

Display of TWINNING Memorabilia in the memorial Hall.


ALL members of the Twinning Association were invited to come
along to the Memorial Hall for the cutting of a Celebration Cake by the representative of the Council of Europe. Cake and a glass of wine was available for all the Twinning Association members.


Twinning Memorabilia received during Visits to and from our friends in Liederbach and Champtoceaux was on view in the Memorial Hall with the cafe Rene available for Tea Coffee and cake.


played in the main arena in the Recreation Ground.

Special thanks to for their unstinting support for "FLAGFEST"


20th Oct 2007 - List of attractions by group.



  • ·       Heritage Centre – Tea Coffee & Cake.

  •         Fair Trade Day - URC

  • ·       Twinning Marquee Ferrett Green
       – Mulled Wine in the morning.

  • ·      Twinning  Café RENE fm 2:30 p.m.
       - in the Memorial Hall.

  • ·       Billy Andrews – Hot Food on Ferrett Green

  • ·       The Royal British Legion –meals and Bar.

  • ·       The Verwood HUB
       – Bar, refreshments & meals from 12:00.  

  • ·          Ice Cream van

Displays & Events

  • ·      Display of Old Cars.

  • ·      Manitou Biker Boys

  • ·      Manitou Cherry Picker rides
      - Verwood from a different perspective.
    (height restriction applies.)

  • ·      Pole Lathe Turning with Chris Albray.

  • ·      Suzuki & Crescent Motorcycles.

  • ·      Verwood Motor Cycle Club
      - (In Front of Doctors Surgery)

  • ·     Verwood Concert Brass

  • ·     Verwood Choral Society

Children’s Events

  • ·     Children's Roundabout. (Recreation Ground)

  • ·     Bouncy Castle (Little Monkeys)

  • ·     Face Painting (Angels with painted Faces)

  • ·     Steam Engine rides (Ferrett Green)


Verwood HUB

  • ·      Climbing wall in the front car park

  • ·      Giant cinema screen & a play station league.

(Recreation Ground)

  • ·     Bat Club

  • ·     Wessex Birds of Prey Rescue.

  • ·     Bird Boxes Anthony Grant

  • ·     Charmed (Bags & Jewellery)

  • ·     Dorset Wildlife Trust - Face Painting

  • ·     Flower Club in the Memorial Hall

  • ·     Heavy Horse Centre

  •        Twinning Membership stall
     -  (Memorial Hall)

  • ·     Phoenix Cards

  • ·     Red Cross stand (recruitment)

  • ·     Spinners & Dyers (New Forest)
     - Mem. Hall

  • ·     Verwood Guides

  • ·     Verwood Library (Memorial Hall)

  • ·     Verwood Scouts

  • ·     Virgin Vie at home

  • ·     Wessex Bird Rescue.

  • ·     Zoë Riches (Jewellery & Books)

Ferrett Green

  • ·     Art Exhibition - Heritage Centre

  • ·     Recreation

  • ·     Recycling

  •       Steam Engine rides

  •       Urban Heath Partnership
         with Moors Valley representative


Fire Station Open Day

  • ·     Fire Service demonstrations.

  • Police stall


Provided the PA & Broadcasted Live



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